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What is art journaling?

Art Journaling is a form of intuitive collage work focusing on hunting and gathering images and words, arranging and assembling them creatively on a page, and reading and reflecting on your creation.

● Art Journaling is about the process of creating, not the outcome. This might touch on the not already knowing how to do it part of your story. What is it like for you to begin a task while not knowing the outcome? Art Journaling helps to grow the skill of trusting what is inside of you while learning something new.

● Art Journaling is not about getting it right. There is no grade or assessment at the end. While others may appreciate or enjoy the final product with you, their opinion does not equal or negate success. You have no obligation to share your work with anyone. What is it like to do something just for yourself? Art Journaling helps you learn that it is

okay to create something just for you.

● Art Journaling is about trusting your instincts. You know what belongs and goes where on each page. Whatever you do on your art journal page is the right thing for you. What is it like for you to make a decision for yourself and trust that it is the right one? Art Journaling helps grow self-confidence.

● Art Journaling is about measuring seasons and growth. It is a way to be present exactly where you are now and to have a marker to look back on in the future. Art Journaling offers a different perspective as you look at your story.

● Art Journaling Sessions provide you with a space to contain the supplies and mess and to leave with your finished work. Art Journaling is about learning to make messes and mistakes while creating something meaningful.

● Art Journaling is about being intentional. Art Journaling offers you the opportunity to set an intention of creativity. Creating takes time, and you are worth making time for.

What can I expect during a Heart Path Story Coaching Art Journaling Workshop?

A Heart Path Story Coaching Art Journaling Workshop is a combination of teaching and practice. In this workshop participants learn about the Art Journaling process and practice the process by creating a page to share with the group to their degree of comfort. Group members follow a listen, lean in, learn, and create model in the following way:

Listen to intuition.
Lean in with curiosity.

Learn to trust the process.

Create a finished page.

This workshop is structured with some brief teaching of the process at the beginning, a period of unstructured creating, and then gathering together to share at the end. Participants choose how and what they want to briefly share about their work. All creative supplies are included.

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